You can have sex on my quilt, in fact please do.

Yes, have hot sex on my quilt or use it for a picnic blanket if you fancy a day at the park. Or better yet let your kids make a fort out of it and play  under it with a flashlight and a hidden stash of cheese crackers. And if I might be so bold, wrap your sick pup in it while taking them to the vet. There is nothing like a quilt for comfort.

I made you a quilt to be loved and used and to be part of all the parts of your life. I am well aware of what happens in life. Birth and death and if you’re lucky more than a bit of sex in between.

Our time on this mortal coil is messy and long and wonderful and I want the quilt I gave you to be part of every bit of the joy you scrape out of this life. This quilt is now yours to do with what you want and need.

While I love the finished quilt I have given you, made of the fabrics I have collected and petted, cut apart and sewn back together again there is nothing there that is truly sacred or holy or invaluable. It is given knowing that to become real it must be loved and used, even if using it means its eventual destruction.

To separate the process of quilting from the outcome is a true gift that I don’t take lightly. I see way too many quilters who tie themselves in knots about how their quilt is used or not used after it leaves their sewing rooms.

They ring their hands in anxiety that their quilts will not be cherished or fume in frustration when they find out that the quilt they hand appliqued for over a year is being used for a sofa throw. Neither of these reactions is ideal and many of these situations lead to hard feelings and even needless family feuds over what in the end is just fabric.

Better to let it go and just enjoy the process of creating the quilt without focusing  on how it will be used, after all if you are not enjoying the process why the hell are you doing it anyway?


Parting Shots –

  • Just because you are quilter does not mean you are required to give a quilt for every occasion. Cut yourself some slack if you can’t separate your quilt from your feelings and just buy a gift card instead.
  • Hard as it may be to believe not everyone likes quilts – while this is baffling – don’t make quilts for people to don’t enjoy them.
  • And yes, someone is likely to be having sex on a quilt you make. If that upsets you take up quilting with burlap, that should take care of it!


Want to make sure people know how you feel about the quilt you gave them… try these on for size!  Yes a label just for you!  I made these with the help of the fine people at Dutch Label Shop, and have a very few of them left right now, in the BadAss Quilters Shop and if you need one for your next quilt you can find them here!


sex on this quilt lable

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