~Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed quilters, crafters and knitters can change the world.~ {With my apologies to Margaret Mead for skating on her famous quote}  The time has come to become the change we need to see and at BadAss Quilters Society we believe that #blacklivesmatter and that the sewing, crafting and quilting world needs to be the vanguard in this matter using our artistic talents to make sure that black lives are just as relevant in our industry as any other.~


My hands have hovered over the keyboard for a good 30 minutes as I thought about how to start this post and I still am not sure how to start. I also don’t know how it will end but I know in the middle I will say to you that it is time we embrace #SewDiversity and weave it through our passions for thread, fabric and yarn.  For we have the chance to become the people who stood up and said  “no more”, and “not on my watch”, to acknowledge the the disparity and inequality between black and white and help make it right.  Our call is to become the artisans that fearlessly advocate for diversity in all areas of the sewing and craft world. Our goal is to see the hands and faces of color on our pattern covers, in our books, tutorials and more. While a small start for sure this is the part of world where we effect the most and have the most say. #Blacklivesmatter



I am personally as pasty skinned as a piece of Wonder Bread but know blatant injustice when I see it, and I see it way too often these days. From the news of yet another black man being gunned down with little to no provocation to the words I hear uttered in my shop by some customers. Amazingly some customers  think that just because I am a quilter that I would support racial slurs or derogatory references to race. You would think that having both black and white mermaids last year for Row by Row would have made it clear that we support all colors of the rainbow and yet overhearing some of the comments turned my stomach and made me even more determined to make SPOOL a store that supports diversity.

Merm close up plae merm image

Just as I truly believe that  women will not be safe until the good men in our lives stand up and join us by taking undeniable actions against the men who think they own women’s bodies, it is time for those of us who were gifted with inborn privilege ( read that as being white) stand up and defend those who are black ( or any other color for that matter).

I call on my friends and BadAss supporters in the industry to gather in a movement I am calling # SewDiversity.  When you see things that are wrong in our industry use your voice, and this hashtag ( #SewDiversity) to point it out. When you see GOOD in our industry take the time to thank the company, designer or shop owner for their efforts no matter how small by using the hashtag and social media as a force for good.

We must show what matters to us and call out that which is so vile that we are not willing to be part of it by our actions, our dollars, or complacency and  privilege.


Today I start…. I am sending love and light out the most wonderful Jodi Carleton for her inclusion of both a black and a white nurse dolls in her adorable pattern Winnie and Pip {Nurse in Charge}.

nurse in charge

Want to be part of the movement?  You can grab this image below and use it on your own blog, post or other social media endeavor to help people understand that now is the time and we are just the group of people to make it happen!



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