With my apologies to Albert Einstein from whom I riffed my quote.



Hi, my name is Maddie and by some people’s yard stick I am a craptastic quilter, I have even been told as much ( yeah I know that really takes some serious lady-balls but it has happened!)

I know a scant 1/4 inch but at times choose not to use it.

I have chopped off my points on purpose and by mistake and kept rolling.

I have never met a quilt pattern that did not make my eyes cross in consternation and prefer to just cut up fabric and see what happens.

Precise color matching gives me a stabby pain behind my right eye and I am all about how it “feels” as opposed to a Pantone perfect match.

and I am Quilter!

But you know what?.. you can have a micromicly ( yep, just made that word up!)  perfect 1/4 inch, read patterns like prose and color match  better than the guy at the paint store and you are just as much a quilter!

If you make the f*cking Quilt you are a quilter and I encourage you be to the very best ( read that as happy) quilter you can be and not to let the quilting of others make you feel bad about the work you are doing now.

If you are happy with the quilting you are doing then power on.  If you want to learn more then dive in, there is a world of resources out there from your LQS to online classes and books.

As quilters we can be the greatest support or the worst critics of each other and each day we can choose which sandbox we want to play in.  Personally I am choosing the one that lifts all quilters up.. feel free to join me, I will be in the one in the corner with the cookies and a Margarita.


Perhaps you need a sassy reminder? This is a quality image that should print out just right on a piece of 8.5 x 11 computer paper!



Just make the Fucking Quilt <—click to print


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