If you have been sewing for any length of time it is easy to let your fabric collection creep up on your and feel a deep sense of despair or embarrassment at the state of your stash!

Of course we all dream of those Pinterest-worthy sewing spaces with rows of matching storage options but  if it comes down to a choice between the fabric and what to store it in I think we know that much of the time the fabric is going to win for most people.

Of course this does not mean that you will not want it to be stored in some sort of way that makes it easy to find or at the very least puts us more in the category of  “fabric collector” and not “fabric hoarder”  ( or maybe  I am  the only one who sees those hoarder shows and feels the need to purge everything from my life??)

Start with your containers. Sure you can hit up the Container store or Target but don’t be afraid to take a leaf out of the  Mari Kondo Book on organizing and  embrace the humble shoebox ( or other free box options) as a wonderful and efficient way to to store your fabric. If you really feel the urge paint the boxes or cover them in pretty paper if you feel better… nothing wrong with a little pretty right along with your organization!

After that all you will need is a piece of tag board/ chip board or stiff and smooth cardboard…. yes just one piece. Well that is one piece per size of box you have. Luckily most shoe boxes are about the same size so I don’t think you will need more than one or two.

Cut your tag board to the height of your box or to the height you want your fabric to stand.  Make sure your tag board is also cut the width of your box for fold reference.

Fold fabric around the tag board and then slip board out for each piece of fabric…. this feels a bit clumsy at first but after a bit you will get pretty quick and fabric stacks up fast and tidy!

Before you know it you will be the owner of some very tidy fabric and the smug satisfaction that you are no longer a candidate for an episode of Hoarders!

Watch the video!


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