Being BadAss is sometimes about seizing the opportunity to stand up for an important principle even what you had planned on doing was eating ice cream and “vegging” on the sofa for a bit.  Well ice cream be damned we are going to be having an online art show with the hopeful intention of gathering enough interest in it that it will then become a traveling exhibit showing off the bold works of some of the best and brightest art quilters in my happy little BadAss world.


The Skin We Are In exhibit was born out of the absolute incredulous frustration at the AQS Quilt show  people pulling not one but two works by the Art Quilter Kathy Nida due to a single complaint of one show guest who “thought they saw” a penis on one of the quilts that were part of the SAQA exhibit within the the AQS traveling quilt show. Get the full story here, right from the quilter herself!  

Today I am very happy to open our gallery of work from those who were so generous as to share their art with you. Art they made from their own deep calling to contemplate the human from without boundaries.

As you enter the gallery please understand that there are depictions of nudity and topics that might be unexpected. We embrace each artist and thank them for putting themselves out there to be part of this exhibit.

If you would like to leave a comment thanking the artists click back here to do so as the gallery does not have the comment function enabled.


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