Quilt Show Virgin




“I am SO nervous”

“I have never done anything like this before”

“I feel so exposed!”



Don’t be scared, it is only a quilt show, or in this case an exhibit when is comes the BadAss Quilter Exhibit  during AQS Quilt Week in Chattanooga TN.

The truth is that is takes quilts to have a quilt show and shows and exhibits NEED your quilts! If you enjoy going to quilt shows and seeing quilts your owe it to the quilt world to get your work out there as well, you never know who it will inspire!

So while being judged, critiqued and totally raked over the coals by a team of quilt experts might not be your cup of tea there  are other ways to enjoy the quilt showing experience without the tension that comes with competition.

The truth of the matter is that some people are not into playing the comparing game.

Some just want to share their quilt art with the wider world for the enjoyment and enrichment of the experience.  For these people  exhibits and non-judged categories in quilt shows are  the way to go. Most quilt shows will also let you opt out of judging so just check that little box if you don’t want to be part of that.


The BAQS event which is part of the AQS Quilt Week in Chattanooga is a juried exhibit which mean while it is an honor to be chosen, quilts will not compete with each other due the great diversity of quilts we hope to show from our amazing member base.

The jurying part assures that we have a wide selection of BadAss techniques to show off to all the excited quilt show guests.


So?.. you ready?.. I want to see your BadAss Quilts!


To submit a quilt to the BAQS AQS quilt Exhibit –

Entries can be submitted starting on June 19, by emailing  photos and the quilt information to Melissa Winters at the AQS office, melissawinters@AQSquilt.com.  Submissions are open June 19th to July 8th.  Selections will be made and exhibitors notified with shipping details and directions by the end of July.  For those with computer that will not hotlink the submission address  send it to             melissawinters@AQSquilt.com   <——- Cut and paste that address into your email. 


  1. Your name and contact information
  2. 1 clear distance photo and 1 up close detail photo.
  3. Quilt dimensions – remember 60×60 or bigger!
  4. Use BAQS Exhibit in the subject line.  


Want more information about Quilt week in Chattanooga?.. want to come visit me?….  Check it out here!   QUILT WEEK CHATTANOOGA




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  1. Every quilt & quilter has a story that needs sharing. I have come to enjoy the judged shows as a learning experience and often, you can pick up your quilts first. Even in non-judged exhibits, you just never know when your quilt catches someone’s eye and you’ll get a viewer’s choice or staff choice. I have gotten such pleasure from seeing others’ quilts, inspiration galore and a sense of community. We’re all in this together.

  2. I ummmmed and aahhhhed for several days before sending in my email. In the slim chance I get accepted, I have to work out how to get my humble quilt to the other side of the planet. That by it’s self is pretty bad ass in my book. But just getting the email away is fairly confronting. It is one thing being a medium sized fish in a small pond….

  3. I have just finished my quilt and I’m having a friend photograph it for me. I am taking the plunge !!!! I’m crossing my fingers that it will be accepted. I have never been brave enough to submit, but this exhibition is a good first step!!! I am going to Chattenooga and really looking forward to Spool!!!



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