Once again I am back partnering with the fantastic people at QT Fabrics. One of their newest collections just getting into stores now is from their WAY popular Sew & Go series.

Mod Monsters are friendly not scary monsters who are just the right size for toddlers and above to cuddle with when they need a quiet friend to share secrets with. QT really does the “heavy-lifting” with these easy panel projects and you just have the fun of sewing them.  They come together fast but that also means there is so much room for creative “out of the box” thinking!

With my Mod Monsters  panel print I was struck by how fun it would be to create a ~ Pajama Monster~ making this not only fun but useful! I thought back to the nightly confusion of our big family getting all the kids washed and into PJ’S and how great it would have been to know that the PJ’s were tucked out of site but within easy reach when it came time to wrestle my little streakers into their footy jammies and into bed. (Tell me I was not the only mother with kids who took off buck-naked across the house covered in bubbles and shrieking with glee as they escaped the tub)

So it is with my little streakers in mind that I created this project. Please note that this is meant to be an inspiration, take this in any direction you wish. I am a fly by the seat of my pants sewer and I grant you the right to do the same!

Check out the video take a peek at a few of the photos (below) for inspiration and then leave a comment if YOU would like to win a big stack of Sew & Go Panels and associated fabric! Of course if you would like to see more pop on over to your local quilt store or feel free to check things out over at the QT Fabrics website.

I started with deciding where I would be cutting away some of the lower part of the monster under the arms and then sewing around from monster arm-pit  up around arm and head and back around while layered with the fabric that would be the back of the monster and the sack part.

I then turned the monster upper body right side out and stuffed and trimmed away  FRONT lower body after stitching closed. I then cut the back fabric into a triangle-esque shape tapering from arm pits to 16 inches down. ( Note, 16 inches ended up being too much.. I trimmed back to 12 at some point.)

Next up I took a piece of fabric and inserted a zipper in the center to open and close to store the pj’s.  I HIGHLY recommend using Wash Away tape for holding your zippers in place.. makes things so much easier and no pointy pins to get in the way!

Next up I trimmed the zipper panel ( which will become the front of the monster sack area)..here you can see it laid out ready to cut and stitch.  Stitch up the sides, flip zippered panel to front, fold up bottom and stitch in cute little monster feet!..  hand-stitch at neck to make sure it is secure for zipper action.

Add a little pull to the zipper if it catches your fancy.. and call it a day… you did great!



Want even more? Pop over to the BAQS Facebook page and catch the video replay of the morning visit video when I show you all the fabric up close and in person!

How cute are these… which do you want to win??? Remember to leave a comment  We will draw for a winner on the 29th of December!

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