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I hear people saying that 50 is the new thirty but honestly I am really excited about 50 being just what it is, a time where I am more ME every damn day. This is ME.

Perhaps the world should be scared but I am increasingly more ok with both the amazing parts of me and my foibles as well.  Not that there are not things that I am working on.. hell I am always working on how I approach life and people and the care we give this world but what I have dumped is a great deal of my “give a fuck” about HOW people think I lead my life.  Very freeing indeed!

So to celebrate this milestone of life it felt only right to give some gifts, both from myself and from friends to make this a real kick-ass party!

Today is day 1 of the 10 day countdown to my birthday on January 23rd. All during the 10 days I will be doing fun giveaways each day over on the BAQS Facebook page leading up to the big mamma giveaway here on the blog- on this post for ………<drum roll please>…..


TWO –  Innov-is NQ900PRW By brother


This machine is going to rock your socks ( and anything else that needs a little thrill!). I spent time seriously talking with the amazing people Chattanooga’s Sewing Machine Shop  to find just the right machine that would not be too much for a new quilter but would also be a great machine for a more experienced quilter either at home or on the go to retreats and classes.  The  extended table (not seen here) and knee lift being just 2 of the reasons that I think this machine is going to make TWO people very happy!! This machine is no light-weight and with a retail price of over $2,000 each you can bet I am going to be insuring the hell out of them as I send them to our winners!  Want to know more about the machine… click here

So if you read in-between the lines there, while many times I partner with wonderful companies to bring you prizes this time it is my hard earned cash that paid for these machines to give away to you for my birthday celebration. There are lots of reasons for this but by far I want to you to know how vested I am in making BAQS the world leader in progressive sewing and quilting movements. Being a vocal advocate for a part of the quilt world that often gets the short shrift is important to me. Quilting and sewing are for everyone and I am here to prove that every day!

So to each of us who has been told that you are “too much”, “too loud”, “too big”, “too Small”,”too gay”, “too straight”, whatever…. not enough in some way –  know that is total and abject bullshit and you have a place here at BadAss Quilters Society…hell, even if you don’t quilt.

If you support my mission and want to help make a difference please make sure to share this post and our daily live count down videos on Facebook to spread the word!

So join me for 10 days of fun!  Make sure to leave a comment here for your chance to win a machine but don’t miss our daily Facebook live chats where I will be giving away daily prizes provided by some of my friends such as….






Just to name a few!!…….

Good luck and remember we will draw for a winner on my Birthday – January 23rd. The winner will have 2 days to respond to the Facebook video winners announcement, if they do not respond in that time we will re-draw for a new winner/s.  Make sure you like the the BAQS FB page and if able using the choices for following put the BAQS page first in your timeline. At the very least set a reminder on your phone RIGHT NOW to check the page on the 23rd to find out if you won!


Please read this TWICE.  You only need to leave a comment on this post to be in the running to win.  You DO NOT need to join our private page. If you want to see the winners announcments you will want to be part of the BAQS Facebooks page.

and now a word from our lawyers….

i. Maddie’s BadAss Birthday Celebration
ii. No Purchase Necessary 
iii. Promotion Description
Giveaway beings on January 13th and a winner will be drawn on the January 23rd.
iv. Eligibility
Fans of BAQS and of the BAQS FB page are free to enter the contest. Announcement of winners will be on the BAQS FB page. Winners must check in within 48 hours of announcement, or re-drawing for a new winner will take place within a week. Contest open world wide
v. Prizes
Two machines will be given away along with various daily prizes. Winners are responsible for taxes, tariffs or customs dues for their state, region or country.
vi. How to Enter
Leave a comment on this post ( just one comment) for a chance to win a machine.  Daily FB live contests are open to enter each day as well.
vii. Winner Selection
Winners will be chosen at random- makes sure to wear your lucky undies.
viii. Winner Notification
Winners will be announced on the BAQS Facebook Page and post on this page on January 23.
ix. Privacy
We promise not to sell your name to anyone, we want you all to ourselves!
x. Limitation of Liability
Once machines and other prizes are shipped the limits of our ability are fulfilled. Packages will be insured for full value but in the rare case of damage it will be up to the winner to proceed with shipping damage claim.
xi. Social Network Disclaimers
Facebook and WordPress are held harmless- as if Zuckerberg really cares.. I don’t think he even sews.
xii. Winner List
Winners will be listed on this page as well as on the Facebook page.
xiii. Sponsor
That’s us!.. drop us a line if you have a question



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