Some of you might have seen it back when it happened and others will just be reading about it now. But when the BBC picks up on a story about quilters in American acting badly you know that things have gotten very out of hand.

For those totally out of the loop I am providing two links. One to the Audio version of the story HERE and one to a written account HERE.

And for those who want it in a nutshell. There was a secret Facebook group of conservative quilters who took it upon themselves to take actions to try to get quilters they disagreed with fired, removed and disassociated from the brands they worked for as a sort of punishment for their liberal beliefs, actions or being gay.


To say that these actions are disappointing is obvious, such hate (which I believe is little more than fear made manifest) has no place in the quilting world and honestly serves no real purpose in the wider world as well.

Here are BAQS we have a strong ethos of acceptance that flat out borders on being cheerleaders for those who happily fly their freak-flag high. We are built on the premise that “you do you” and screw someone who does not like the way you quilt or live your life. Love who you love, quilt what you quilt.

We welcome you to share our message of  BadAss love and justice and invite your like-minded friends to join BAQS since the more we grow our online influence the more positive changes we can make in our wider quilting community.  We can spend more time rescuing puppies and kitties, drinking fruity beverages out of tall glasses with umbrellas, quilting, sewing and rabble-rousing. Sounds good huh?

BadAss Quilters Society will always be positive force for good that takes shit from no one.   It will always be better to be BadAss.

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