jem in tunic

I am tickled pink to introduce this week’s BadAss Cover quilter! Jemellia Hilfiger is not only a fantastic modern quilter but also a kickass seamstress-


as evidenced by the amazing Washi dresses and tunics she makes with what seems to be effortless ease!

Of course there are are also bright, happy and adorable quilts that are the essence of her sweet and yet totally dynamic personality


Pure Sunshine!

quilt 2

Love me some wonky stars!

jeme holiday

And yes, totally hand appliqued.. 100+  hours of work! – I can’t wait to see this one quilted up!

Jemellia’s sewing experience spans from  Home Ec at age 14 were she made a ” J” pillow to her current stint as the owner of Je’s Bend Free- Range Sewing and Quilting in Norman Oklahoma with lots of good stuff in between!  Her fire for sewing became totally stoked with the birth of her gorgeous daughter for whom she makes an amazing amount of adorable clothes and quilty item

jem 4 way Currently J. is the president for Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild, and she says it has been a total adventure! And last but very much not least she is one of our very special guest speakers for the BadAss Quilters Networking event during Quilt Market this year!

Keep up with Jemellia at her super fun blog JEMJAM or come hear her speak at the  BAQS Houston Marketing  Event – there are just a few tickets left.. get yours quick!


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