So I have total bone to pick with modern sewing… this whole GREY thing.. ( or GRAY if you must)… Modern quilters are ALL ABOUT the grey, but they did not invent the love of it.  I have been loving this color since it was the poor bastard stepchild of the color wheel.  Oh how it irked the holy shit out of my mother. She said grey was the color of  “prison matrons and dykes”   and while mom sure had a way with words and she got a bit closer than she ever dreamed on her proclamation and I did not care. I wore grey then and I wear it now as well as quilting with it so I was  pleased as punch to see that MY color for  Sam Hunters Blog hop was … yes.. GREY

And if you want to take a swing at it , here is a  Grey/Gray  of your own… click here for the Paper Pieced pattern of your very own!

I am fecking ( see that nice Irish word I used since I would never say fucking here on the blog) pleased as all hell to  have a QUILT in this BadAss book!

quilt talk


In a totally not typical  for me ~little ray of sunshine~moment  I went super cute with  my quilt inspired by the the sunny fabrics that were stacked on my work table at that moment. – and to be clear that moment was when Sam called me and said… HEY… “would you be willing to make a quilt for my new book? It is all about paper piecing words to make quilts rock”

I had paper pieced before, not well and not happily but the truth is that I would jump off a high building for Sam so  joyfully launching into paper-piecing seemed like the least I could do for her.  And you know what? I found out that I really like the holy hell out of it and I am tickled three shades of pink at how my quilt for the book came out.



I wanted something funky, cute, relaxed and that did not look like I had an Add a Quarter ruler shoved my my ass in search of perfection the whole time I did it. – I think I succeeded.  Since lets face it some people who are all  crazy about precision paper piecing  make it look hard like  rocket science and about as fun as a colonoscopy (I call them quilting dementors – they suck the joy out of it!) But the truth is that it is lots of fun and you can do some fantastic things with this technique.

For that reason I really find Sam’s book an amazing breath of fresh air in the fact that she gives you permission to make the quilts that YOU want to make and guides you through the somewhat inside/outside/upside/ for how to design your own text not just sticking to her choices. She WANTS you to rock it and gives you all the skills and advice so you can.

Bull hell you don’t have to sweat it too hard, there are 12 awesome projects in the book to get you launched into the world of  Quilt Talking  before you have to think about doing something totally original .. so don’t get your panties in a bunch.. be cool.

Personally  for my money this is the quilt to makeshe said


But then I am also considering  making one of those soft buckets that reads SEX TOYS.. or maybe just VIBRATORS.  Check back in with me on that and see if I get that done, I am shooting for Christmas. But if you  do it first I TOTALLY WANT TO SEE IT.. hell I will even send you a BadAss Quilter cup if you send me a photo of it!

So here is the part when I give you a chance to win a copy of the book.. this is going to be be FAST and furious.  The giveaway beginning now and I will pick a winner on the evening on the 17th.

Answer this question ( place your answer in the comments).. what word would YOU put on a soft Quilt Talk bucket?



pssssstttt…. want another cool pattern???.. pop over to Sam’s blog and sign up for her newsletter..  it is SEW WORTH IT! <—click there



Congratulations to the winner – Quiltzyx/Sue





Please contact me at so I can get your information so that Stash Books can send your prize!!

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