Welcome to the BadAss Quilters Society,

I am the founder Maddie Kertay and believe that attitude is everything and quilting is just as much a lifestyle as it is a hobby. Here you will not only find sassy support for the hobby you love but lots of advice, education, and acceptance to make your day brighter. This is a “quilt as you are” sort of place, you are welcome here. We are your people.

We believe in the Democratic Nation of Quilting ™ and as BadAss Quilters we aspire to be:

  • Confident enough to embrace our own style without the need to mock the style of others.
  •  To at least aspire to fearlessness in our craft as well as the authentic, compassionate and ethical treatment of others.
  • To be generally opposed to dumb-ass behavior that separates, denigrates or makes light of another’s work or life.

In short, were are opposed to being a jerk about most things and about quilting most of all. Please note that we are currently in Beta-Mode with our new layout so things might be a bit bumpy. Grab a drink and poke around as we get things working just right!

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Did I mention that there are over 19 thousand of us?

How More Sleep Might Make You a Better Quilter

You can't pick up a magazine lately without reading an article about the science of sleep and all it can do for us.  After decades of the lack of sleep being some sort of ridiculous badge of honor we are rounding back to acknowledging  that the human body needs sleep...
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Finding Time to Sew – In the Speakeasy

Much like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland I often feel like I am rushing from one project to the next with little time to enjoy the sewing I love so much. Which of course is a huge irony since the sewing and quilting industry is my lifeblood.. That said I decided...

Soak Saturday Valentine’s Edition

  Another month means another wonderful chance to win some more Soak!  Making it even sweeter this Valentine's weekend I will be throwing in a BAQS Mug for your beverage enjoyment!  Check out the video, answer the question and  get in the running to win your own...

We have a Heart-On for You!

Ever received the wrong gift for Valentine's Day? I think we all have. What about roses? -- $85 for a dozen and they are gone in a week. Really good chocolate? - $90 and forever on your hips. There is no doubt that V-Day can be a real quandry. While I love a good gift...