Welcome to the BadAss Quilters Society,

I am the founder Maddie Kertay and believe that attitude is everything and quilting is just as much a lifestyle as it is a hobby. Here you will not only find sassy support for the hobby you love but lots of advice, education, and acceptance to make your day brighter. This is a “quilt as you are” sort of place, you are welcome here. We are your people.

We believe in the Democratic Nation of Quilting ™ and as BadAss Quilters we aspire to be:

  • Confident enough to embrace our own style without the need to mock the style of others.
  •  To at least aspire to fearlessness in our craft as well as the authentic, compassionate and ethical treatment of others.
  • To be generally opposed to dumb-ass behavior that separates, denigrates or makes light of another’s work or life.

In short, were are opposed to being a jerk about most things and about quilting most of all. Please note that we are currently in Beta-Mode with our new layout so things might be a bit bumpy. Grab a drink and poke around as we get things working just right!

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Did I mention that there are over 18 thousand of us?

Hello Blossom Unboxing and Giveaway

Looking for a bright and cheery fabric to banish the winter-blahs?  Hello Blossom by Ella Blue is just the ticket!  Makes sure to check out the video over on  BAQS Facebook and leave a comment over there to have a chance at winning!  Direct link here.  We will draw...
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Birthday Countdown!

Holy crap, how did I get to be 49 years old?  And where did these 6 children come from??  I have pretty clear memories of Kindergarten almost yesterday - I RULED at playing Post office and now I am a grandmother... what a crazy ride this has been! And yet here we are...

Three MUST HAVE Seam Rippers for Any Sewing Room

So I have been cleaning up my studio and that means lifting up piles of fabric, projects and  patterns and unearthing a good number of "lost" seam rippers. Honestly this is not even all of them which is pretty funny for someone who strives to be more of a minimalist...