Maddie’s BadAss Birthday Celebration

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Welcome to the BadAss Quilters Society,

Have you ever joined a group where for as much as you wanted to you just didn’t fit in? You were too sweary, or progressive and all you got was the cold side-eye and not a welcoming community of quilters and sewing enthusiasts to hang out with? If so, I think you might like it around here.

BadAss Quilters Society is devoted to supporting quilters of progress and diversity. Love always wins here at BAQS and we welcome you to be part of our tribe.

Please note that we are currently in Beta-Mode with our new layout so things might be a bit bumpy. Grab a drink and poke around as we get things working just right!

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Did I mention that there are over 21 thousand of us?

Mod Monsters by QT Fabrics

Once again I am back partnering with the fantastic people at QT Fabrics. One of their newest collections just getting into stores now is from their WAY popular Sew & Go series. Mod Monsters are friendly not scary monsters who are just the right size for toddlers and...