And Now For Something Completely Different

by maddie6 on October 18, 2014


Normal, such a funny word with a different meaning to each and every person who utters it. My everyday normal was that of being a mother, a wife, a quilter and oh yes, and by the way – bisexual.  (Yes, there are bisexual and gay quilters out there, we are not that unusual.)

Most know that I have been a staunch supporter of LGBT activism for a long time and being bisexual is why, it was just my normal.

But my normal has changed and some of you have noticed that my life has expanded in ways that many did not see coming.  And while I have not purposely kept secrets I have also not been as publically open as I might in the normal course of events as my life settles into its new BadAss version of normal.

My new normal includes building a life with a woman ( a smart and sassy quilter) I fell in love with a bit over a year ago.   (I will give you a second to digest that)

Back with me?

In most cases (dare I say normally?) I would now be telling you of how my husband and I have decided to part ways in an amicable or ugly fashion, how we are all cool or fighting over the kids and the cats but in this case it is just not true. Our life is happy and just a different version of normal.

My new normal continues to include my amazing husband who is still the light of my life and that of her’s as well , we are a monogamous  “poly” family.

(Still with me?)

Let me save you the trouble, if Polyfidelity  is new to you try this link for a good explanation -  Polyfidelity 101

So there you have it, my new normal is that  I am happily living with my loves and in my expanded family and if we were to be one of those window sticker families that you see on the backs of mini vans it would look something like this…

My BadAss new normal –  and welcome to it!



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