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Never Assume I Am Not a Quilter

I am a business owner, a mother, a lover, a “Nasty Woman” and for heaven’s sake I am even a grandmother. I am complex, and fearsome, sexual and sassy. I am hot headed, opinionated, loving, and brash. I am smart and wicked funny and can cook like no...

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A Goodbye Giveaway!

Saturday we say goodbye to SPOOL – the physical store (do look for another week online very soon, at KICK ASS PRICES!) and we thought it would be fun to giveaway some fabric as a way of saying thank you for all of your support over the last three years. We are...

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The Skin We Are In – Calling all Quilters

Being BadAss is sometimes about seizing the opportunity to stand up for an important principle even what you had planned on doing was eating ice cream and “vegging” on the sofa for a bit.  Well ice cream be damned we are going to be having an online art...

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SPOOL is for Sale

Three years ago come September I brought forth to this great nation the quilt store I christened SPOOL. I was so proud of it and so personally assured of its success that I boldly  used all caps for the name knowing that it would be something amazing – and that...

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Under a Common Moon

      Yesterday Yesterday I shared my thoughts about the lack of diversity in the sewing and quilting world and called out for those who felt moved to also pay attention and advocate when possible for a greater diversity when it comes to how quilters,...

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