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Quick Quilts for Christmas

Not to scare you or anything but there are less than 66 days until Christmas. Did I hear a collective gasp?.. a moan of terror? Visions of all those quilts you were going to make for each and every person on your list coming to mind and how you have exactly NONE of... read more

I Was Grey Before Grey Was Cool

 WE HAVE A WINNER… SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE!! So I have total bone to pick with modern sewing… this whole GREY thing.. ( or GRAY if you must)… Modern quilters are ALL ABOUT the grey, but they did not invent the love of it.  I have been loving this... read more

Row by Row Hibernation

    What a sweet summer it has been!  If perhaps you have been under a rock you did not hear about Row by Row and you did not join the joyful mayhem that has been quilters rushing from shop to shop nationwide, gathering patterns, kits and event fabric... read more